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My Inspirations – Part 1

One very inspiring moment

One very inspiring moment

KS Fan Q&A: Where do you get your inspiration from? – Part 1 

Actions inspire emotions inspire thought inspire music. Everything I hear, see and do on a daily basis has the potential to inspire me.  The wind may blow, the dog can play dead, a clean kitchen, a strange piece of art, a soft kiss, wearing an awesome dress and looking HOT in it, driving across the GWB on Christmas Eve – all these things can inspire the best music out of me any day.

 Getting more in depth: Seeing pure perseverance and commitment are a daily inspiration to me.  Did anybody see So You Think You Can Dance?  The commitment of the 2nd place winner, Brandon, made me practice my violin harder for a whole two weeks (I’ve got to work on sustaining those moments, I know).  Hearing Tai Murray at Carnegie Hall and watching the actual realization of her commitment to her talent, brought tears of joy and desire in my heart – and then made me want and fear the same achievement of greatness for myself.  Why fear you ask?  I don’t know.  That’s the only reason I can say I don’t practice as much as I ought.  These paradoxes are what have always defined and complicated my Experience.

 Speaking of complications, and in encouraging the inspired individuals reading this blog, we all must recognize that for every AHA-inspired moment, there is an UH-OH (for a pro, a con) and those cons include life headaches, pessimistic attitudes, and limited thinking. (My pastor would call these the dream stealers.)  We must have a huge philosophy on guarding out ear-gates and our eye-gates from uninspiring things, people and attitudes. This philosophy helps me in the least to maintain a mindset that breeds joy and artistry…Trust me, I’m crazy enough as it is, and in trying to keep all of who God needs me to be in check so that all He is planning to use me for can come to pass, I’ve got to make sure that I stay inspired, and not un-hinged. 

All in all, I am thankful at least to call myself inspired and to work at maintaining a level of inspiration to spawn action.  Come back on Thursday when I’ll share how playing the violin and God’s purpose in me, are my larger life’s inspirations.

Thanks for reading & please share your comments! ~Kersten



  Mike wrote @

All I can say is…HOW DID JANINE WIN!!!

That was uninspiring!

  Joanna wrote @

Beautiful! I completely agree that inspiration can come out of the most simplistic events and/or moments. It’s a fantastic and sometimes daunting task to relay the beauty of the divine into something tangible to pass onto others.

It’s great to remember that you can never fail, but sometimes you just need to give it that extra kick in the pants to truly be in flow and use all of your talents.

  kerstenstevens wrote @

Very true! So many things can stop the flow. i have to also stay away from things that might unfocus me. funny thing – writing about these inspirations is a distraction 🙂 offff to sleep! thanks for the post, Jo!

  Mike wrote @

Did someone replace my sister with Folger’s Crystals?

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