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Review of Whitney’s New I Look to You

HEY KSE FANS – I thought you’d all enjoy the following critique on Whitney’s new album, written by my friend, and music lover/expert, Terelle Hairston.  You can view the full critique at


First things first: Cop this album.

I fully expected to be a non-fan of this album; to listen to it, MOUTH AGAPE, as one of my long-time top 3 singers struggled and FAILed for note after note. I expected Beyonce-ish beats, wacked out hip-hop R&B, and Mariah Carey-ish confusion over appropriate topics and styles. I got some of that, but for the most part, I got a solid album that is easy to hate on but even easier to enjoy.

Let’s be clear, if you were expecting Whitney of 1989 (20 yrs ago, wtf?) then you’re an idiot; if you were expecting Whitney of at least 1998 (11 yrs ago, wtf?) My Love is Your Love type vocals, you’re a reasonable person who might be reasonably disappointed. If u’re a genuine hater who expected absolute crap, you’ll probably listen once or twice and stamp it and throw it away: it’s your loss though. 

“I Look to You” is surprisingly competent if not awe-striking, strong if not superhuman, interesting if not intelligent, and rousing if not energizing. You could very easily sleep on this album and most will since it is more fun to throw a star away rather than to accept it’s new, not-as-bright shine. But if you listen closely, you will be rewarded for your patience
What you’ll miss:

Gone are Whitney’s beat-you-over-the-head notes and full-throttle belting that made her famous; but there are moments when it is there and you appreciate that this is not her last album and that her voice will probably even stronger on the next album. There are also times when you wish she would come harder or taken more time perfecting a song. The production sounds way better on a real stereo and in high-quality but is still fair-to-middlin’; if I were Clive I would’ve stole a little neosoul magic and mandated live instrumentation and some of the levels are a bit off – too loud here, too soft there.

What you’ll get:

Whitney finally trying to sing a song. Whitney has always been effortless and at times it seemed like she didn’t care about what she was singing because all she had to do was…SING….MORE at


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