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The Grey’s Anatomy Music Experience

The 6th season of Grey’s Anatomy premiers tonight on ABC and can I tell you how excited I am!!?  I first saw this show my junior year of college.  I turned on the TV, mid-season, and after 20 minutes or so, realized that every character in a leadership position (Chief of Staff, Head of NeuroSurgery and the head of interns) were being played by black actors!  I was even more elated to find out that the show  was written and produced by a black women – Shonda Rhimes.  WHOA!  More than these awesome tidbits, importantly the show’s sheer excellence nurtured my intrigue every Thursday for the last few years.  Now, five seasons later, I can’t wait for tonight.

Without talking ad nausium about all the cinematic things that make this show fantastic, I can tell you that the best unsung hero of the whole show is – THE MUSIC!! Alexandra Patsavas (the music supervisor) does an awesome job of using independent artists and in using music with lyrics that bring deeper meaning and sentiment to each scene. Without the musical experience, this show would only be good, not great.  For the seasoned Grey’s anatomy watchers – remember when Izzy had to say goodbye to Denny during the first season, as Meredith and the other cast members were in the room, and the music lyrics sang “I can’t express how I feel”…classic! The show inspires me to write music that could be played on Grey’s.  How awesome would this be?  I declare right now that it is so!!

Below is an interview with Grey’s Patsavas:

Below, catch a peak at tonight’s premier below and make sure to notice the “Wade in the Water” being played as soundtrack to the two minutes…

Did you notice Wade in the Water at the end of this KSE Recording (available on my Walks of Faith album @  

When you tune in tonight, enjoy the show, but pay attention to the music.




The Cereal Box

A KS Fan Asked: What are some of your earliest memories? What age did you start playing the violin? In my earliest memory of the violin I remember a doorway, a cereal box, two rulers and intense intrigue. I was three years old.  I remember the box being white with colored writing, though I cannot remember the type of cereal.  The rulers were transparent, brightly colored plastic – one pink and the other purple or blue, I think; the pink one was taped exactly center along the top half of the cereal box.  I held the second ruler tightly in my right hand.  I remember standing very still with the make-shift violin balanced on my left shoulder; I straddled a doorway with one foot on the wood floor of our living room, and the other on the cold tiles of our kitchen floor. The sun was shining brightly through the living room window to my left.

This memory is special to me because even to this day I remember the intensity of my intrigue and fascination towards the apparatus balanced on my shoulder.  It is incredible to me that even as a child, I could feel such an attraction towards the violin.

As to why I stood straddling two rooms, I’ll never know.  The best I can  figure is that my stance was an analogy to what my life in music would be – never exactly in one genre or another, but at all times a living hybrid. 

As to the sun … It has become an important symbol of God’s continual presence and anointing over my life. I’ll share much more about this in my upcoming entries.  

The sun shines on me, as I stand on our front stoop.

Me at 3

 For now, thanks for asking and reading!  Please share your comments. With love – KS